Fried Popsicles for Sale

Hi my name is Ron. I’m a 35 year recovering alcoholic and other drug user, and I’m one of thirty-seven thousand Compton voters that didn’t sign the reeferendum to legalize weed dealing. You didn’t ask me for it but I’m adding my voice to the hemp discussion.

Once upon a time stinky weed attacked my lungs, malt liquor burned my throat, and cheap sugary wine fogged my head and were gateways to drug hell for me. Mine was a life of self-deceit; lies; thievery, and petty crime.

I flunked out of Compton College after two semesters of Bid whist but tried again two years later. That’s when I discovered that education works best when not high. With help, encouragement, and support from a community of people, I graduated.

MY OPINION: Weed is for white guys that are surrounded with more social cover to shield them or help them deal with the consequences of alcohol and other drug use. There are always consequences.

Maybe they work for their daddy’s business or for employers that don’t drug test and have health insurance. Maybe they have houses, clubs, or other places to smoke and aren’t leashed to smoke shops, liquor stores, or public parks to become police target practice.

MY POINT: Compton needs people who think clear; who can help figure out real solutions to our real problems when it should be obvious that neither Democrats nor Republicans have any answers for us except for those few who shout, Black Lives Matter!

YOU SMOKER: try to completely stop for 21 days if you don’t think weed is a noose around your head.

It might not be so easy and you might need a rock to hold onto when you’re praying to God, or the devil, in the middle of Hurricane Drug.

Where will you go if you try to stop and find it hard? When the voices in your head say, “Ron don’t know what he’s talking about. That stuff happened to him. It won’t happen to me. HE. WAS. STUPID.”

You get a cannabidiol (CBD) pass if you have cancer-related pain, drug-resistant epilepsy, or multiple sclerosis. Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder? NOT.

So, you were one of seventy-nine hundred Comptonian’s (Oh snap!——I see a science fiction story——They Came Outta Comptonia) that signed the petition to regulate and tax weed in Compton, because you thought it would promote health, safety and welfare of people in Compton; create quality jobs in Compton that offer living wages, healthcare and create employment opportunities; and on and on, in Compton. I’ve got to ask; WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING?

In 2013 sheriff deputy unions took away your choice with Measure I when they convinced you to modify the municipal code with:  All police powers as prescribed by Federal and State law that can be carried out by a Municipal Police Department shall be provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for the City of Compton. The city shall annually budget funds to cover the cost for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department services.

You got played.

After that you voted for Measure P, an ordinance to; add a one percent sales tax to fund repairing local streets, sidewalks and enhancing pedestrian street lighting…the measure would provide funding for more public safety personnel including sheriffs, firefighters and paramedics, expand youth job training, gang and drug prevention programs, economic development, improve local parks and stabilize basic services throughout the City.

You got lalalalala.

Granted, many that you elected to the dais have not delivered on any of these promises either and they seem comfortable under control of outside puppeteers. Do you really believe that legal weed dealing will do anything more for Compton than what liquor stores and 7-Eleven’s already do? Other than get-high, if bud had any benefits for Compton, wouldn’t the city already have them?

If you believe what’s in the petition will come true, I have fried popsicles to sell you.

Since you want dispensaries on one corner, smoke shops on the other, liquor stores and a few churches in the middle, I propose that Compton also set up alcohol and other drug recovery drop-in facilities in between for when you finally accept that your best solution to your problems starts with a clear functional brain.

Compton schools must do more with drug education. Build Boys and Girls Club’s (even YAL’s will do) in each council district that will give young people exposure to different life options outside of the city to help mitigate the adverse effect of de facto segregation. Let Gerald Pickens run baseball in Compton.

Do you really believe open cultivation and sales of weed is the solution to Compton’s problems? If so, my fried popsicle truck is parked outside.

Step right up and take a lick.


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There is a ballot initiative, Measure I, for Compton voter’s decision on  April 16, 2013  that I believe is unconscionable. Measure I takes away the city’s choice of policing by adding to the Compton Municipal Code a requirement of county sheriff (LASD) to provide policing or law enforcement services.

All police powers as prescribed by Federal and State law that can be carried out by a Municipal Police Department shall be provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for the City of Compton. The city shall annually budget funds to cover the coast for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department services.”

Here we go again. First we had the ineffectual Compton PD, F Troop. Then, thanks to Omar Bradley, we were introduced to sheriff’s services in 2001. Eric Perrodin attempted and failed to bring back CPD. That was really an expensive fiasco. There is one common thread to all of this: The people of Compton had no input whatsoever, and hopefully, memory is long come April 16 when you see familiar names on the ballot. Its time to get off the dysfunctional merry-go-round.

Has anyone living in Compton ever been satisfied with either of the two? I’m not asking which of the two that you are more satisfied or dissatisfied with. No. I’m asking if you are satisfied with either the CPD or LASD service.

Most people I speak with are not only dissatisfied with policing (law enforcement) in Compton but don’t trust them either. Moreover, there is too little discussion on public safety period. If residentts feel safe, they might be more likely to shop and spend money locally. When residents feel safe, they are less likely to move away such as what happened in the 80s.

The question of trust is never asked by elected “leaders” (Bradley, Perrodin, Council) or LASD. Given that we can’t seem to live with or without police, why is the question of trust never asked? Why isn’t the question of whether Compton residents are satisfied with police services ever asked?