Ruminations of a Sojourn Pen



Laurel Street MBC, 9626 Laurel St. Watts CA 90002, "THE LOVE CORNER." Call (323) 566-2380 to order.

Laurel Street MBC, 9626 Laurel St. Watts CA 90002, “THE LOVE CORNER.” Call (323) 566-2380 to order.

Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at Laurel Street Missionary Baptist Church.

Anybody that tells you that he or she is responsible for crime reduction citing police supplied statistics is probably lying. The true measure is whether community members feel safer and is the question that’s never asked.

Speaking of police, does anyone give a damn about the morale of the community or is it sovereign to them?

One more thing on police: they detest criticism in any form. What other profession has that luxury?

What has NWA or its emissaries done to move Compton forward? Public Enemy’s message and art is more relevant to Compton (see Prophets of Rage, 2011).

Compton is a city manager oriented government by charter and should stay that way, with an update developed and voted upon by its people.

“If anything is to be done, let a man do it, let him attack it vigorously! A careless pilgrim only scatters the dust of his passion more widely.” The Dhammapada

Scientology is being execrated but when was the last time one of its adherents shot up a church, theater, or freeway passengers?

“Read: In the name of thy Lord who createth .

Createth man from a clot.

Read: and it is thy Lord the Most Bountiful

Who teacheth by the pen,

Teacheth man that which he knew not.”

Sacred Book